A 501(c)3 non-profit organization facilitating the distribution of uplifting, inspiring digital media. We seek to serve communities, brands, and individuals who share the values of ethical, regenerative, and intentional business practices.

About Us

PRCPTION Travel, Inc. was created to address the problem of profit-motivated media companies manipulating stories about our world. What began as grassroots community filmmaking has now developed into a discovery of peer-to-peer video sharing platforms that can unite people, brands, and communities everywhere.

Since 2014, we’ve helped produce over 100 “smiling media” videos in more than fifteen countries. In that time we've discovered that—thanks to smartphones—a dedicated filmmaker is no longer necessary for a community to share their story.

We believe that if each of us cooperates to share our own unique story, we will be able to witness a more clear picture of our world.

Perception Travel TV

"Discover the people, brands, and communities that share your values. Find yourself in the world you want to see."

Perception Travel TV is an autonomous video hosting platform comprising a global community of supportive societies, conscious consumerism, and sustainable living. Groups and individuals alike can connect to share videos of how we are all changing the story of our time.

Our community's goals are to support a shifting of the collective focus from fear-based media programming to uplifting stories of cooperation, compassion and community! Upload your raw footage of inspiring moments and the community will turn it into something nice.



"Bring your community to life by showing it off."

Perceptions.Live organizes content on a map and feed tailored just for your community. It makes it easy for your community members to login and submit links to their content. Post marketplace listings, photo galleries, blog posts, or just about anything else.

It is Free and Open Source Software that you can install on your own server or pay us to manage and host for you.

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We are eager to hear from you and coordinate a collaboration.

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